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Recently I’ve been lucky enough to pick up some great pieces that I know will last me for the rest of this Winter season. The first of these was an instant love of mine from when I first discovered it back in mid-December, although I only managed to pick it up the week before last. The Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters Baxter Funnel Rust Jumper was a must-have! With a huge 40% off the price online, it arrived just a few days later and fits perfectly. I got a size Medium, which was just right for my liking – it was fitted in the body, but also slightly baggy in the sleeves, allowing me to style it up by rolling back the cuffs. I’ve matched it below with a pair of black skinny jeans.

It took me all but five seconds to fall in love with these Washed Black Ripped Knee Spray On Skinny Jeans. I’ve been searching FOR AGES for a pair of skinny jeans that are fitted around the ankles, so these were instantly purchased when I came across them in Topman. Black jeans are a staple Winter wardrobe piece, and luckily you can marry these with almost anything – from a baggy street-style jumper to a smarter skinny fit blazer. Here they are on, with a long-line tee and charcoal sweater.

Going back to Winter jumpers, the Green & Blue Knitted Jumper from Another Influence is another staple Winter piece I couldn’t resist. I picked this up over a month ago on ASOS, so sadly it’s no longer able to purchase, although there are some other designs by the same brand available which you could check out. Anyway, this jumper is very light and comfortable, so it’s great for layering underneath a heavier winter jacket/coat. Purchasing a size Medium was the perfect choice for me so I could achieve a slightly baggy aesthetic. I’ve paired it with some black skinny jeans below. 

An essential item for me has always been bags. I usually opt for a rucksack, but this Tommy Hilfiger Holdall bag was something different that I took an immediate liking too! It’s very minimal, with brown leather handles and the logo printed in small. The Tommy Hilfiger blue/red colours go nicely with almost any outfit, and I matched it with some black jeans and these brown Chelsea Boots.

My final most recent pickup is actually not one, but two pieces, from a company called Son of Saints. They kindly sent me these two pieces in a collaboration, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve fallen in love with them! The long-line grey washed tee and over-sized grey charcoal sweater match perfectly together, and fit in with the current baggy/long-line trend that’s being carried over from 2016. Below I’ve matched them with the black skinny jeans mentioned earlier.

With payday just around the corner, I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m adding to my wardrobe yet again! Thanks for reading, be sure to drop me a comment below with which ones you liked!


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