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The transition period from Winter to Spring can sometimes be the most challenging time to decide what to wear, and more importantly, what will look good! I recently had this struggle, but after digging around for some inspiration, I’ve managed to come up with some key trends you’re guaranteed to see in the next few months.

Checked patterns

Checked patterns are currently making their appearances on a wide range of clothing, from smarter pieces like suits, to the more casual items like jackets and jumpers. As I’m a massive fan of this trend, I recently picked up a Checked Bomber Jacket, which I think is PERFECT for the Winter-Spring transition period. The thing I love the most about this piece is the incredible detailing. Although it’s primarily black & white, it also has streaks of red throughout, which really adds to its personality. I also love the zip on left arm, which gives it more of a street-style feel. Below, I have layered it above a light grey tee and matched with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Pastel colours

This has to be, by far, my favourite trend at the moment! I’m currently obsessed with pastel colours and the idea of styling a pastel-coloured jumper with a pair of jet black jeans. As we get closer to the Spring, you’re very likely to be seeing pastel blues, greens, and even yellows! But, the colour I’m MOST excited about is Pink. I’ve never really taken a shine to Pink before, but I recently picked up this Pink long-line hoodie which I love! Below I’ve matched it with a pair of ripped-knee jeans and some grey/black checkerboard vans. The colours marry perfectly and it creates an amazing street-style look.


Layering up in the Winter time is one of my favourite things, and Knitwear is a popular trend which makes it very easy! Knitted jumpers have the perfect texture for the Winter season, which is why I picked up this Twisted Yarn Bomber. It was really inexpensive and the snug fit is amazing for layering below a thicker/heavier winter jacket. The best thing about this type of jumper is its versatility – you could match it with a smarter pair of cotton trousers, or style it down with some ripped jeans. The choice is yours! One of my favourite ways to style knitted jumpers is layered beneath a puffa-jacket and matched with a scarf, a style that simply screams Winter. 

Earthy tones

In this Winter/Spring transition period, earthy tones are set to dominate clothing. Brown, orange, rust and camel colours are already featuring in the newest pieces from street-wear brands. Some of my favourite clothing items they’re featuring on are overcoats, jumpers and parkas. If you want to be up-to-date with the latest trend, then I would 100% recommend investing in a piece sporting one of these colours! Recently, I managed to pick myself up a Rust turtleneck jumper from Urban Outfitters, ahead of the craze. It’s the perfect layering piece, so it would look great matched with some black jeans and a warm coat to mask you from the bitter cold months ahead.

What are your favourite Winter-Spring trends? Will you be trying out any of them in the coming months? Be sure to drop a comment down below!

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