Top 4 Spring Style Tips

Spring is now well and truly underway, and so the styling of outfits is changing. For me, I’ve been sticking to four spring style tips when deciding what I want to wear, and these tips are guaranteed to instantly improve your style! To challenge myself, I’ve managed to incorporate them all into one favourite outfit of mine.


Everything about spring just screams colour, and so my most important style tip is to make sure your outfit choice is keeping to a lighter colour palette. The odd darker coloured piece won’t do any harm, but keeping to lighter toning overall will make sure you’re capturing the essence of spring. For my outfit, I went with some stone coloured trousers and a lighter toned grey sweatshirt. I matched these with some white trainers. I then contrasted this whole outfit with a black rucksack, which even more so draws the attention to the lighter colour palette.


Denim has always dominated the trouser game, and so shaking things up can instantly improve your style this spring, as it sets you aside from everyone else. And with men’s fashion having becoming increasingly daring all the time, changes to the type, fit and materials of trousers will definitely become more and more prevalent this year. The trousers I chose for my spring outfit were a pair of Skinny Fit Biker Jeans, in the colour Stone. The reason I picked these trousers as an alternative trouser style was due to the colour, which is very different and uncommon in jean material. My favourite thing about them has to be their incredible detailing – from the minor distressing down the leg to the two patches on the knees.


This is as simple as the aesthetic itself – less is more. Instead of matching together several stand-out pieces, focus on one centrepiece item that you’ve absolutely loved recently, and build an outfit around this. For me, when styling this outfit, I opted for my trousers to be the feature piece. I’ve complimented them with a very basic grey sweatshirt and a minimal black rucksack, so as to keep the focal point on my trousers and their detailing.


Not only are bags handy for lugging our essentials around, but they can also be responsible for completely transforming and improving a look. That being said, it must be the right type of bag to match the outfit. For example, a smarter outfit may demand a smarter bag choice, while a more casual look will require a backpack. Likewise, the colour and design of the bag is also key. A statement bag packed with colour and embroidery would marry up perfectly with a more minimal outfit choice. On the other hand, a more basic bag, like the one I’ve chosen for my outfit below, would go perfectly as a complimenting accessory.

What I’m Wearing

Trousers: Skinny Fit Heavy Distressed Biker Jeans, from boohooMAN

Jumper: Grey Slim Fit Basic Sweatshirt, from boohooMAN

Bag: Black Bromsgrove Classic Backpack, from Jack Wills

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1, from JD Sports

Thanks giving this post a read – I hope I inspired you to create some great new spring outfits using these 4 key style tips. Be sure to leave a comment below on which ones you liked and will be trying out yourselves!

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  1. John
    29th March 2017 / 11:09 am

    Thank you so much for these tips!

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