Watch Review: LordTimePieces

Currently, my favourite type of accessory that I can rely on to instantly improve any outfit is a watch. And over the last few months I’ve been obsessively wearing the perfect watch from LordTimePieces. I was lucky enough to be gifted the Solitude Black Blue watch from the solitude collection, and so will be reviewing it against three mega-important factors: design, quality and price.


The Solitude Black Blue watch features a 42mm case and leather strap. The watch face has a Roman numeral “XII” and the writing “LORD” in replacement of the 12 and 9 hour marks. The dial, case and strap are all in the colour black, contrasting with the light blue of the hands. Finally, a case thickness of just 7.5mm makes it extremely sleek and slim.

The design of all the watches in the Solitude Collection is very minimal, which is the aesthetic most important to me. I’m not the biggest fan of watches that have too much happening on them – for me, less is more. One thing I really love about the watch is the all black contrast against the blue hands, making them really stand out. Another favoured detail is the smaller dial that rotates with the seconds hand, which further adds to the simplistic yet stylish design. Better still, the minimalism makes it super easy to match up with outfits – I’ve paired it below with both black and blue jeans.


All of the watches from LordTimePieces are very high quality, and this one is no exception. The genuine leather strap is extremely comfortable and hard-wearing, meaning you’ll most certainly get you’re money’s worth. Another great addition is that the watch is water resistant. This is a huge benefit for me as I am forever panicking any watch I’m wearing will be damaged if splashed by even the tiniest amount of water. But most importantly, the watch carries out it’s main purpose of telling the time great. I’ve been using mine for well over a month and have experienced no problems what-so-ever with its functionality.


Price-wise, this watch is definitely worth the money. It costs £75 for this watch in particular, but all of the watches online range between £65 and £85, making them very affordable. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the LordTimePieces watches, make sure you use the code ‘BLAND10‘ at checkout to get 10% off, meaning you could pick up this watch for just £67.50! A timepiece like this would be perfect for Father’s Day, which is fast approaching.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post – feel free to drop a comment below with your opinions on this watch! In the mean time, be sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter social medias for daily outfit pictures and much more.


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