My Summer Essential Products

When it comes to my skin and hair products, I very rarely stray from what I know and love. Lately however, I’ve been eager to try out new products to use throughout the Summer season. And so, I’ve managed to narrow down my favourites to several of my now absolute essentials.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Lab Series and I really think their products are some of the best available. I also love the fact they specialise in men’s skincare, something that’s becoming increasingly popular. The Daily Renewing Cleanser is one of their bestsellers, and is part of their newest “MAX LS” range. Although it is slightly more expensive, and as I’ve discovered with some of their other products, a little goes a long way.

The product itself is thick and creamy, making the application process really simple. While you could opt to rinse off quickly, I prefer the ‘deep cleaning’ alternative that can be achieved by leaving it on for 2-3 minutes before washing away. When applied, it has a very smooth and soapy texture as there are no exfoliating beads. This leaves you fresh-faced with no redness or irritation. I try my best to use it every evening, but of course sometimes I miss it out to try some of my other Lab Series products.


The ‘Lynx You’ range is the brands newest concoction that aims to energise and revitalise every guy’s grooming routines. The range consists of spray deodorants and body washes, all of which are perfumed with the scent of Summer. I’ve been lucky enough to team up with Lynx and try out 3 of these products. The first being the Energised body wash which includes blood orange, wood and dragon fruit. This smells great, but my personal favourite is the Clean Fresh body wash, which incorporates ginger, lemon, grapefruit and lavender.

The Refreshed body-spray deodorant has a warm, earthy scent that’s extremely fresh. I’m regularly applying some throughout the day and keep it in my bag when on the go, as it’s an ideal size.


The use of Sea Salt Spray has become extremely popular lately, as it can be used to easily achieve a textured and wavy ‘beach’ look. I’m currently loving the one from Label M, although I use it as an alternative to my normal hair routine. This would usually be after I clean my hair with a shampoo, as this immediately strips away all of the texture and weight I would usually rely on when styling. The spray counters this by adding the texture back, making it super easy to style. During the application I apply 3-4 pumps after drying my wet hair to a damp state. I try to avoid using a hairdryer and instead let my hair dry naturally, allowing the salt compound to work its magic.

Thank you for having a read – be sure to drop a comment below with your current favourite products! Next week’s post is an exciting Summer Trends one, so stay tuned for that! In the mean time, follow me over on my social media – Instagram and Twitter.


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