My Top Trends for Summer 2017

I think it’s fair to say that we are well past the half-way mark of Summer 2017 – BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s over just yet! With plenty more sun to absorb and clothes to style, I’ve narrowed down and selected my top trends of the season.


With all of the hot weather we’ve been experiencing, short-sleeved printed shirts have undoubtedly been an essential. Although you could wear them buttoned up, I personally prefer to style them by layering them above a plain white tee, this usually being one of my textured t-shirts from River Island. There is a vast range of patterns that you can pick from, with some being much more of a statement than others. I really love this floral one from boohooMAN, as it combines the perfect summer colours and is made from a thin, lightweight material that is not only weather-appropriate, but also very bold and stylish.


I’ve always believed a great pair of bright white sneakers can go with ANY outfit as they are incredibly versatile. White is also an ideal colour for Summer outfits as it keeps to that lighter palette the season simply demands. And so, with this all in mind, my end of school shopping spree saw me purchase a pair of Adidas Stan Smith‘s that incorporate some navy detailing. Perfect for use with my Summer wardrobe, I honestly have nothing but praise for them. The most notable perk for me is that the leather material used makes them ridiculously easy to clean – all you need is a damp cloth!


I’m constantly on the lookout for sunglasses, as nowadays there are just so many different shapes, sizes and styles available to us. Currently, I’m a huge fan of the oval lensed type, that are connected via a single bridge but no top-bar. This style has become rapidly popular within the last year and matches an edgy, hipster vibe. I was lucky enough to obtain a pair from H&M, but have also seen some other unique styles in Urban Outfitters that are for the more ambitious. I went with a dull, dark tinted pair as I find them easiest to style in an outfit.


Boat shoes are a very popular footwear piece in this season, and I absolutely understand why! They have the perfect balance between smart and casual, making them very easy to style with outfits. While you could opt to match them with some cropped jeans (like I have below), you could just as easily style them with some casual shorts & a t-shirt. My pair is from New Look Men, a brand I’ve only recently taken more seriously as they offer some great-priced pieces that follow the very latest streetwear trends.

 Achieve a clean look by wearing ‘invisible socks’ when pairing up boat shoes with cropped trousers or rolled-up jeans. 

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