How to Build a Wardrobe & 6 Essentials You Need

When it comes to building a wardrobe, the most important thing to keep in mind is that trends come and go. The best way to start is with basic pieces that act as the foundations of your wardrobe, and then you can invest in other trendier items as and when you please. As well as this, never forget that quality is key. Paying that extra bit for the basics means they will not only last longer, but improve your overall style as they will look better on you.

I strongly believe there are 6 key essential pieces that EVERY guy should invest in when building a wardrobe.

Black Jeans

Trouser-wise, Black jeans are the perfect buy to begin with. And this means your standard black jeans, with no cut hem or rips. This makes them very versatile and therefore super easy to pair with lots of outfits. Better yet, you can wear them all year round. There are so many different styles/fits, so go for a pair that feels comfortable for you. I personally prefer a tighter pair of jeans, but am also open to slightly more looser fitting jeans if they’re styled well. These LEVI Line 8 Black Slim Straight Jeans from Topman are a very good quality pair, priced at £65.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are a great pair to kick start your shoe collection. They are ridiculously easy to pair with ANY outfit, making them an easy go-to. I have the Adidas Stan Smith, which are very comfortable and hard-wearing. Likewise, the leather material used means they can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. New-looking, clean white sneakers always look better, so try and give yours a clean when they get dirty. ASOS do a pair of these for just £67, a great investment as they will last you a long time.

Basic solid t-shirts – black & white

I’m always matching a basic solid colour t-shirt with my outfits, as I find it a lot easier when pairing up the outfit colour palette. I have the black and white ‘waffle short sleeve reglan’ from River Island, which are priced very reasonably at £15 each.

Basic jumpers

Very similar to the basic t-shirts, basic jumpers are great for layering. I prefer more minimal clothing, such as this Champion hoodie, which contains the block black colour and the logo detailing. It’s a more expensive piece, at £85 from Urban Outfitters.

Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets have been ‘in trend’ for a very long time, making them a great item to invest in. They look great in every season, layered in the Autumn/Winter and styled over a tee in the Spring/Summer. If you’re getting your first, I recommend investing in a standard Washed Blue Denim Jacket, such as this one from Topman, which is £40


This is the best way to add detailing to a basic outfit, instantly transforming it into something more interesting and helping you to appear even more stylish. It’s best to start with a watch – like the Solitude Black Blue from LordTimePieces. It’s quite pricey (£78) but has a very appealing modern/sleek aesthetic.

Another way to ramp up an outfit is with a bandana, which can be styled several ways, such as around your neck. I love the Black Paisley Bandana, costing only £5 from Topman. Lastly, a fashionable bag can instantly improve your look, like this Black Backpack from H&M (£29.99). The colour black is also a go-to for me, as it’s easy to match up with lots of outfits.

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