8 Menswear Trends for 2018

2018 is here, and I have no doubt that it will be a great year! There are loads of very exciting fashion trends that we’ll be seeing over the next 12 months – some that have been around for a while now, and other much newer ones. Here are my top 8 menswear trends that you need to know about.


Colour blocking is a way of wearing multiple colours in one outfit. The outfit centres around a palette of two or more colours, usually in bold and bright shades. The result is a simple yet very stylish look. Prints and patterns should usually be avoided as such designs detract from the ‘blocked’ visual. To really achieve success, form colour combinations by using opposing colours in the colour wheel. For example, blue and orange, or yellow and purple.


This trend is one that has grown very rapidly over the last several years and it’s set to be bigger than ever in 2018. The athleisure trend is simply clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities that is worn in other settings, such as in casual and social situations. It’s very appealing due to its chic aesthetic and comfort appeal.

In my opinion, the two key pieces to pull this trend off are tracksuits and track jackets. Tailored tracksuit bottoms are very comfy and look great matched with a lot of basic pieces (like hoodies and sweatshirts), making it easy to style them well. Similarly, track jackets can massively increase your layering game, particularly underneath a thick jacket in the colder months.

This trend has been heavily influenced by brands such as Nike and Adidas, which unfortunately means the clothing can get very expensive.


This is a relatively confused trend that has hit the fashion world by storm over the last year and is becoming ever-popular. It’s very similar to minimalist decor, in the sense that “less is more”. The minimalist aesthetic involves wearing simple clothing pieces in neutral tones to achieve an extremely sleek and chic look. I’m personally a big lover of this trend and have incorporated it into my wardrobe, although I personally love to add a pop of colour or statement clothing piece into some outfits. I published a blog post back in September featuring one of my minimal outfits.


I’m a big lover of matching up different textures to elevate my overall outfit, which is why I absolutely love this trend! Fleece jackets have been huge in the high-street stores over the last couple of months, as the weather has turned cold and wet. Not only are they perfect to keep you warm in the Winter, but they are also incredibly stylish and very easy to style. If you’re like me, and love to layer up, then I’m sure you’ll agree a fleece jacket is the perfect choice to achieve this.


A pop of colour into an outfit will always step up your style. While last year the colours yellow and mustard were popular, it seems that the colour of 2018 will be red! I think this can look really great when wearing it in contrast to the colour black – for example, black trousers, a bright red sweatshirt and a black jacket layered above.


This iconic piece of 90’s outerwear has been huge over the last few years, and it’s hype won’t be slowing down for 2018. The puffer has an oversized cut and chunky silhouette, which means it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to wear and style successfully. My top advice would be to get the proportions right, and balance out the oversized puffer with some skinny trousers. Also, be brave and go for a bolder colour, like yellow or blue!


This is definitely a trend that we’ve seen lots of in 2017, but it’s showing no sign of disappearing as we enter 2018. The cropped hem looks best with a straight/wide legged pair of jeans, and some long socks layered beneath. You can very easily DIY an old pair of jeans by cutting and fraying the hem.


Vintage pieces inspired by the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s fashion have slowly been making their way back into high-street stores over the last year. My favourite shop right now, because of this, would be Urban Outfitters. Urban are selling some great brands that, despite being a bit pricey, are capturing a ‘vintage inspired’ aesthetic that I just love. Some of my favourite brands are: Shore Leave, BDG and Dickies.



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