Soho Streetwear

Last Saturday I found myself strolling around Soho in a day filled with shopping, food and friends. I’m always struck by how incredibly fashionable everyone in London is, and it’s one of the reasons I love the city so much. And therefore, I knew I needed to pair up some my favourite pieces to create an outfit I felt both comfortable and confident in.

For the base of my outfit, I went with some blue denim jeans with a cropped hem – a trend that featured on my 2018 trends blog post a few weeks back. Layered beneath these were a pair of white socks, that I matched with my Old Skool Vans. Jumper-wise, I chose my grey Champion hoodie that I’ve been obsessively wearing lately, as it’s a great quality and really comfortable. Accessory wise, I went with a green & red stripe belt (not Gucci!) and let the excess material hang down. This is a style that I’ve only recently taken to, but I think it adds something ‘extra’ to the look that elevates the overall look. I’ve been keeping an eye out for more similar ones, and I really love the yellow ‘Daze’ one from Urban Outfitters, which has been very popular due to it’s similarity with the Off-White belt.


Champion Grey ‘Corp’ Logo Hoodie, click >here<

BDG Jules Authentic Cropped Jeans, click >here<

Old Skool Vans in Black, click >here<

Green and Red Stripe D-Ring Nylon Belt, click >here<



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